Save on your electricity bill – no need to turn the lights on during the day. Let daylight into your home with skylight installations.

At A-Top Roofing LTD. we make sure that that installation is professionally done to avoid leaks. Skylights should let natural light into your home – but rainwater and other weather elements should say outdoors.

If you’re considering skylights for your roof but you’re still on the fence about the costs, talk to our team at A-Top Roofing LTD. and we’ll help you decide whether the installation is worth your time and money. We can also assess if adding a skylight roof is applicable to your home structure or current roofing design after considering the trusses framing, attic space, chase space, etc.

Take a look at some of our finished professionally-done, leak-free skylight works that have transformed homes inside and out.

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