A-Top Roofing LTD. is a specialized provider of residential roofing services. Our roofing works are backed by both workmanship and warranties that give customers peace of mind.

Besides installing roofs for private homes, we can also do the same kind of work with equal exemplary results for:

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Town homes
  • Duplex homes
  • and more!

You can count on our team to work from sun-up to sun-down. After we’re done with our work, we clean up the area with a ground magnetic sweep so that no nails or pieces of cut roof material left may cause a safety hazard for homeowners. Because we do such a thorough job from installations, repairs and the clean-up that follows, our customers will never have second thoughts on recommending us.

We use only the best materials for your residential roofing needs:

  • cedar shake wood roofs
  • copper roofs
  • pine shake wood roofs
  • rubber/metal roofs
  • shingle roofs
  • slate
  • standing seam roofs
  • tile

Check out our work samples in our online gallery!

  • house
  • roof
  • repairing the roof
  • man on the roof
  • man repairing the roof